Is technology driving us apart?

Technology is an ever-growing niche, people go bonkers about them.

We all know that communication via Internet is important nowadays. That is why technology is an ever-growing niche, people go bonkers about them. Every week there’s a new gadget out there. In fact, every day there are hardworking engineers and scientists figuring out new things that can entertain you or help you out with whatever chore you need to get done easily. It is due in part to how quickly information becomes outdated and obsolete as technology evolves and changes at an exponential rate.

While internet communication is pretty much beneficial, there are times when it's more so than others. It is growing so fast that it seems that keeping up with all of the innovations that come out every single month is an impossible task. It’s become appalling clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity. Just look around you on the train, airplane, in the coffee shop, malls or anywhere else that internet is available. People are lost inside the cyberspace that they hold in their hands, disconnected from what is happening around them.

We’re surrounded by technology on a daily basis, and yet most of the time, we don’t know how it works. We ascribe technology for driving us apart because we don't understand the full aspect of technology and how to use it. But the point is technology is not driving us apart, it is the people behind the screens that allow that to happen. We all know that technologies (e.g. phones and social media) have been created to be addictive, but we allow that to run our lives. Yes technology is there, and yes it has advanced at an incredible rate, but technology does not run our lives, only if you let it in.

As a user we must take responsible for our actions, allowing the responsibility for the filthy of our emotional development to fall upon our shoulders, rather than the tools we provide. It simply boil down to this, if we want to make a connection, we must make it. And we can make it, as the tools of our distraction can only be operated by a sentience and therefore can be isolated from that very same mode of operation.